Sunday, April 5, 2015

link-up #4

 - "Curating a perfected self might win followers or Facebook friends, but it will not necessarily cure loneliness, since the cure for loneliness is not being looked at, but being seen and accepted as a whole person – ugly, unhappy and awkward, as well as radiant and selfie-ready." Excellent write-up by The Guardian's Olivia Laing on The Future of Loneliness.

 - How Journalist Ann Friedman Built a Newsletter Empire.

 - Cookie Lyon and Peggie Olson are two of my favourite badass career women on television. The Financial Diet explores how TV (and these two characters in particular) has made it okay to be a career woman.

 - Nick Shelton was only 25 when he started Broadsheet, and he's building an empire. Listen to an interview with him on ABC about how he got started.

 - Grantland's Dave Schilling takes a look at The Comedic Circle of Life: Trevor Noah, Justin Bieber’s Roast, and the State of Insult Comedy.

 - "A good theatre review (let alone criticism) is a rare treat. Reading the rest evokes the same pain as making small talk with someone you used to love: everything that once shifted your centre of gravity is still there, but it’s been paved over by polite and descriptive banalities." The Critic in New Zealand by Rosabel Tan.

- "Jamie xx is the kind of producer whose sound evokes both past and future London dance music and ‘Loud Places’, the glorious new single from his forthcoming debut solo album In Colour, holds and releases at all the right points.

Featuring the vocals of childhood friend and xx bandmate Romy Madley Croft, the power of the song comes as much from her almost whispered verses as it does from the stirring chorus: “I have never reached such heights, I feel music in your heights”.

 The sample is lifted from an Idris Muhammad disco track from the ‘70s and the accompanying video for ‘Loud Places’ features Romy and Jamie skateboarding through tungsten-lit London streets. I can’t imagine a better place to listen to the song." 
I wrote about Jamie xx's new song, 'Loud Places' (which I LOVE) and Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money' for The Wireless.

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