Monday, April 6, 2015

the gentlewoman

The sister publication of the equally brilliant Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman has defined itself as an intelligent magazine that celebrates women, speaking to its audience as a reader, rather than a consumer. Aiming to be inspirational rather than aspirational, the magazine gives space to everyone from fashion designers to astronauts, journalists to artists. "Modern women of style and purpose", as it says on the website.

The Gentlewoman is a feminist publication without needing to state the obvious. It just inherently is. Its editor and founder Penny Martin says, "It's not a magazine about feminism. We just assume that the people we work with would respect equality, in terms of ethnicity, economically... it just seems like common sense to me."

Alongside lengthy profiles of clever women, the bi-annual magazine features modern details, where they take a closer look at everyday objects, even giving a two-page spread to a loaf of bread. With strong design and writing, every element is carefully considered, right down to the clothing credits of each fashion story.

To me, The Gentlewoman is perfection in a magazine.

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