Monday, April 27, 2015

link-up #5

Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 in 1977. Photograph by Robin Platzer.

- Bianca Jagger has set the record straight on the myth that she once arrived at Studio 54 on a white horse. She wrote to the Financial Times, saying, “It was a beautiful white horse that reminded me of mine and I made the foolish decision to get on it for a few minutes … No doubt you will agree with me that it is one thing to, on the spur of the moment, to get on a horse in a nightclub, but it is quite another to ride in on one. As an environmentalist and an animal rights defender I find the insinuation that I would ride a horse into a nightclub offensive … I hope that you can understand the difference between ‘coming in’ on a horse and getting on one.” 

- At the moment, the most empowering thing in my life is my friendships with women. We often meet up for brunch, or go to gigs and theatre together, because they're sources of inspiration for us, providing further motivation for our own career goals. After-midnight dance parties are another important element of our friendship. Stevie of the Discotheque Confusion blog has written about the importance of female friendships in her life in a post called The Women Are Emailing, and I just had to share this one with my own super rad babe friends (and now you!).

- A couple of weeks ago, popstar (and my queen) Robyn hosted a technology conference for girls. Pitchfork reporter Laura Snapes went along.

- Binge Reading Disorder. The last paragraph on this story about online reading habits just kills it - and I won't spoil it by posting it here.

- The ever-brilliant Karley Sciortino asks Should You Be Friends With Your Ex? An article that couldn't be any more pertinent for me when I discovered this week that no, I can't be friends with my ex, even two years later.

- Hayden Donnell writes about the madness and huge expense that went into the creation Kim Dotcom's Good Times album for The Pantograph Punch.

- It's Nice That has a look at the finalists for Best Magazine Cover.

- When Divas Talk Back: Pitchfork has put together a fantastic playlist that explores "songs where divas address their divahood or being a queer icon writ large. Together, these selections represent a cursory archive of self-asserting divadom, divas who talk back to the culture that created them."

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