Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Margaret Howell on Why Good Quality Clothes Matter

Backstage at Margaret Howell's SS'14 show by Dazed Digital
"Good quality rides over to everything, though. It can be apparent in something like a cotton T-shirt that has faded well – it doesn't have to be expensive. I prefer clothes that get better with age – cotton raincoats that get softer, moleskin that wears in well. We should respect what it takes to produce something that is of a quality to last, and I feel we should be thinking about that now, especially in terms of protecting the environment. We should be more careful with our water, with everything." - Margaret Howell in an interview with The Guardian.
Margaret Howell practices what she preaches. Her clothes are all clean lines, quality fabrics and casual fit, pairing feminine elegance with masculine nonchalance. Each collection is a wardrobe of ageless designs that will fit into an everyday uniform with ease.

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