Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Joe Gilgun photographed by Shaniqwa Jarvis, from her Instagram

Thanks to Twitter I found myself working as a stylists' assistant on a photoshoot for the upcoming issue of Wonderland magazine.

I saw the stylist Natasha Wray put the call out looking for an assistant on Twitter and offered my help, since that is exactly the reason why I came to London - to see what opportunities I could find and try to learn as much as possible. Her tweet didn't specify which publication the shoot was for, so it was super exciting to turn up and find it was for one of the most highly respected fashion magazines in London.

The shoot was part of a feature on the new season of Misfits, which has an almost completely new cast, apart from Joe Gilgun, pictured above. It was my first time working on a shoot with actors and it was rather an interesting experience. Actors always have that special energy, and Joe had bundles of it. He was a very charming person and had this incredible magnetism, though there was a flickering of darkness in him too.

London keeps presenting these surreal situations that I know couldn't happen anywhere else in the world and I still get a little giddy when I remember where I am. Coming to London to work in fashion has been a dream for a long time, so it's definitely crazy to think that that dream started to come true within my first two weeks here. I feel very lucky.

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