Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photo by Vanessa Jackman

So I was in the Levi's store recently and had this really great (italics because sarcasm) moment when I was looking at trying on a pair of men's 501 jeans, hoping to get just the right fit. I told the male shop assistant that I "never wear pants", forgetting that here in England, pants don't mean trousers.

So I had basically just told the guy I don't wear underwear, and I tried to fix the mistake by then telling him that jeans "would be a whole new experience for me", which I think only served to make the situation worse. Ugh. Luckily he was gracious enough to not comment on it.

~How embarrassment!~

Also, Levi's have the friendliest retail assistants I've encountered during my time in London. Sometimes I think it must be so easy working in retail in London because you don't have to talk to anyone and you don't even have to help them find another size, or whatever. But, Levi's! Go you. Thanks for making me feel welcome, even when I may have unwittingly shared some slightly too personal information about myself

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