Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First thoughts on London

I'm super disappointed that my ability to imitate accents (any accent) has not improved since I've been in London. One of the things I am geekily looking forward to about travelling is that my accent will be the foreign one, for once. I thought this point of difference would be of interest in locals who would fall in love with my quirky kiwi accent and take me to their parties and introduce me to their cool London friends. What I had forgotten is that London is multicultural on a level I haven't experienced before. Everyone here is a foreign visitor or an immigrant. I didn't even realise the barman who served me tonight was a New Zealander until he was already pouring a drink for the cool foreign girl next to me. So I couldn't even ask him if he knew Steve from that band who lives in Grey Lynn and then we would have laughed about it because he totally would have known Steve from that band who lives in Grey Lynn and then he would have taken me to a party and introduced me to his cool London friends.

London is so dirty that it keeps clogging up my nostrils and when I blow my nose the snot is black from all of the soot. Snoot.

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