Sunday, March 22, 2015


Louis Vuitton's set for their Fall 2015 collection.

 - How to be a good mentee.

 - "All I know is that if I want to experience this show, I have to do these things I do. I never think it’s difficult—it’s just what I have to do." - On going to shows when you have a disability.

 - Rihanna is the first black person to front a Dior campaign. Here, Dazed Magazine explores what this means for the fashion industry.

 - While the X Factor thing was a complete eye-roll on so many levels, watching the public's reaction and the viral-ity of the story has been fascinating. What was it about this situation that caused such a huge witch-hunt when other situations with wider-reaching consequences haven't received the same attention? Two of the best articles I read about it came from Duncan Greive, and Duncan Greive's TV website, The Spinoff.

 - Drake and the problem with ageing rappers.

 - Charlie Porter, one of my favourite fashion writers, asks: Where are the discussions about gender in womenswear?

 - I was addicted to Neopets as a tween and it served as an introduction to HTML, so I am glad that 15 years later, they're committed to getting girls into coding.

 - Rookie magazine contributor Minna Gilligan on reconciling her fine art and commercial practices, and why people should just shut up about it and let her live.

 - Mark Broatch from the NZ Listener on book reviewing in NZ.

- Emoji praise hands for Monica Lewinski, who shares her experience of being publicly humiliated and why we need to put an end to cyberbullying: "You're looking at a woman who was publicly silent for a decade. Obviously, that's changed."

 - With a neck that cranes under the weight of her extraordinary brain, Notorious RBG shares what feminism means to her:

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