Thursday, August 2, 2012

For the love of Jimmy D

From Jimmy D's S/S '13 Rising Sun Melting Moon collection.
Oh my gosh I want some of those donut earrings!

James Dobson is one of my favourite New Zealand designers. With each new collection, created under the label Jimmy D, I am overcome with a desire to high-five the designer for just nailing it.

It has been thrilling to watch Dobson's designs grow in confidence over the past five years especially. Between seasons, the Jimmy D aesthetic is consistent, but his sources of inspiration are erratic, keeping the designs fresh and modern.

I love how, despite the obvious darkness of the label, there is always a sense of playfulness there that is more subtle and intelligent than just using a fun print (though I do love me some fun prints).

Working in fashion retail, it's a brilliant moment when you see a customer jolt with pleasant surprise upon discovering how much better and different a garment looks on the body than it does on the rack. Jimmy D pieces are always best tried on to see the full beauty of them. This way, it's almost as if Dobson is rewarding those who are willing to seek new styles out.

Julie Roulston over at Fashionz spoke to Dobson recently about his career progression and his Spring/Summer '13 collection. It's a great read, you can see it here.

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